Saturday, July 17, 2010

Henry Franklyn 106 cm short athlete

Short Athlete -- Canada Canada

Henry Franklyn 106 cm  A 3-feet, 6-inch tall goaltender, possibly the smallest notable person in ice hockey history.the second short athlete in the world.short athlete.

A Black Hockey Player… You’re kidding?!
short athlete: When we think of hockey, we think of it as a “white man’s” sport. This misconception is largely due to the research done by white historians. The roots of modern Canadian hockey can be found with early African-Canadian hockey. The birthplace of modern hockey is Nova Scotia and can date Black hockey to the early 1870s. During the early years there is no evidence of Black hockey players being allowed to join white teams. The first recorded mention of an all-Black hockey team, The Colored League, appears in 1895 in Halifax. The Colored League was run by the best and brightest Black men and thus was able to provide funding to rent arenas and receive mention in the Halifax press. James A.R. Kinney would become the chief organizer and driving force behind the league. short athlete.
short athlete: The players of the Colored League of the Maritimes were some of Canada’s finest players. This league was the first hockey league to allow the goalie to go down on the ice to stop a shot; the first goalie to do so was Henry Franklyn. A political and legal fight between the local Black residents of Africville and the city of Halifax would result in the destruction of the league. During the 1920s, Black hockey players returned to the ice. Once again the Colored League would be recognized in the media, marking the beginning of an amazing history of truly talented hockey players.short athlete.
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