Saturday, July 17, 2010

List of Shorter athlete in the world

1st first short athlete
India  84 cm Romeo Dev "World's Smallest Bodybuilder" at 2ft. 9in. Read more
2nd second short athlete
Canada 106 cm Henry Franklyn ice hockey history. Read more
3rd third short athlete
United States 109 cm Eddie Gaedel .Shortest to play in Major League Baseball. Read more
4th fourth short athlete
Canada 122 cm Claude Giroux.Shortest professional wrestler. Read more

5th fifth short athlete
People's Republic of China 124.4cm Bai Chunyue Shortest Gymnast. Read more
6th sixth short athlete
United States 149 cm Julie Krone . Shortest American jockey. Read more
7th seventh short athlete
United Kingdom 157 cm Frederick Walden Shortest player in ENFT. Read more
8th eighth short athlete
United States 157 cm Shannon Bobbitt Shortest player in WNBA. Read more
9th ninth short athlete
United States 160 cm Muggsy Bogues Shortest in the NBA. Read more
10th tenth short athlete
Canada 160 cm Roy Worters Shortest to play in the NHL. Read more
11th eleventh short athlete..
United States 165 cm Earl Boykins Shortest active player  in NBA. Read more
12th twelfth short athlete
United States 168 cm Darren Sproles Shortest active player  in the NFL. Read more